Addiction recovery and dating

As counselors complete the training and the required supervision hours to become certified in treating partners, their names will be added to the website. The first training date is set for June 26-29, 2013 in Dallas, TX.

I hope this article will give partners the information they need to locate the right therapist for them.

Sex addiction is arguably the easiest addiction to hide, and addicts are very good liars and manipulators. This is the website for the fairly new organization, the Association of Partners of Sex Addicts Trauma Specialists (APSATS), of which I am a board member.

You shouldn’t be told something is wrong with you because you didn’t know. At this time there are only a small number of counselors listed here.

Then call around to therapists and ask if they are familiar with the book and subscribe to what it teaches. (You can often find this on their website, which will help you rule out many therapists quickly.) If they do sometimes diagnose clients as co-sex addict, and hopefully they don’t, ask if they evaluate them first or if that is the name they give all partners of sex addicts.

Do they refer partners to COSA, S-Anon, or any other 12 step meetings? 12 step meetings are almost always for addicts and codependent family members of addicts.

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