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9:3 Out of the “smoke” comes “locusts.” When conditions are favorable a swarm of hundreds of millions of locusts may hatch at the same time. 632 Mohammed had united the Arabian Peninsula under Islam.After exhausting the local food supply, they spread out gobbling up nearly every green plant in their path, and leaving desolation and famine behind them. Over the next 100 years the Muslim tide spread in a raging flood across the earth until the year 732 when they were narrowly defeated at the Battle of Tours in France.

They did, however, relentlessly attack the remainder of the Roman Empire centered in Constantinople, at whom this judgment is directed.

The Byzantine Empire had been holding the Muslims in check, now that they were no longer a threat, the Ottoman Empire turned its attention to - The time set forth here represents 391 years and 15 days (360 30 1 1/24 of a year) which indicates the time remaining for the Ottoman empire to do its work.

From the end of the Fifth Trumpet in 1449, 391 years extends to 1840.

The “locusts” are given power to “torment” like the sting of a “scorpion” for 5 months, or 150 literal years.

Starting in 1299 at the Battle of Bapheum the Turkish Muslims began a persistent assault on the eastern Roman Empire.

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    The weekly council of ministers was taking place at the Elysée Palace as the first reports emerged.