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A few years in, the company finally had its first female agent trainee, but the climate for women was still toxic. But the prospect was still "terrifying," Daniels says.One time, Chaiken recalls, an agent tossed her the keys to his red Ferrari and told her: Drive to this gas station, meet Mr. "I came to be a filmmaker," she says, "but I was doing pretty well [as an executive]. Despite its operatic trappings, is deeply personal to him, reflecting Daniels's own life story: How does a gay man deal with the overbearing homophobic father he still loves?One afternoon while editing her thesis movie—a fictionalized account of a real-life arts professor who'd notoriously slept with dozens of students, including her—Chaiken noticed one of her film teachers lurking over her shoulder.

There are so many loose ends to tie up that I’m really not sure how they’ll do it in a one-hour finale. There they are at some finale party (missing, of course, Leisha Haily and Jennifer Beals). She (and Daniela Sea) are the only ones that are any different from their character…Mia Kirshner looks so much like Jenny. EDIT: I guess I really do talk/think/write about (at least by Ilene Chaiken). Girls who become boys but didn’t have surgery and stopped taking their testosterone explicitly in order to get pregnant can (Thomas Beatie), but girls who are in the surgical process of becoming boys (Max Sweeney) who are still very much on testosterone have very, very little chance in getting pregnant. And also, Max wasn’t showing at all when he heard he was pregnant so he couldn’t have been much past four months. I guess that not one mention will be made of him the episode after Tom left. And if it does, Ilene, then I’ll just have to stop watching (which is a lie because I said right here that I’d stop watching if Shane and Jenny got together and clearly I haven’t).

The ratings for FOX's hip-hop family opera, spectacular from the start, crested with the first-season finale on March 18, 2015. The only bump occurs when an assistant brings in a note from the studio.

The writers are "breaking" a mid-season-two episode—coming up with the overall story line—and the room swirls with the gleeful preposterousness that is's showrunner and executive producer. She made her name as a showrunner in 2004 by cocreating Showtime's like quasi-fantasia melodrama about a group of gorgeous, glamorous gay women, full of heart and sex, which earned a fervent following.

After a quick scan of the pilot, it seems Beals’s Lisa is the mother to one of the show’s main protagonists, 20-something Chris who is returning to Venice after six years away.

And that same quick perusal doesn’t show any obvious LGBT characters.

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