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Most of the new discoveries will soon getused in engineering and industry.

However, new research isconstantly raise new puzzles and discover the phenomena to explainthat require new physical theory.

This leads to the conclusionthat the determination of the value of the variable does not lienaturally numbers from the equation and operationstherebetween). The term "physics" firstappeared in the writings of one of the greatest thinkers ofantiquity - Aristotle, who lived in the IV century BC.

Originally,the term "physics" and "philosophy" were synonymous, because thebasis of both disciplines began as an effort to explain theoperation of the laws of the universe.

In addition, the well-being ofthisperson depends on the adequacy of its behavior in modernsociety,its readiness to exist in society.

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Because of this place-value concept, the ability toreusethe same digits for different values contributed to simplerandmore efficient methods of calculation.Widespread widespread useoftechnology, including computer, demands a certain levelofmathematical knowledge and views.From early childhood to old age, we are in one way or anotherareconnected with mathematics (even dial a phone numberrequiresknowledge of numbers and the ability to memorize digitalsequence).In today's world of physics is extremely great value.All thatis different than the modern society from the society of the pastcenturies, appeared as a result of the application in practice ofphysical discoveries.

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