Dating a deaf guy kbbi dating website

I've had a few girlfriends and they didn't have a problem with it.

It just that initial bit when you first walk up to a date, I can't help looking to see if they have a surprised expression on their face when they see my hearing aids.

I think anyone would be thrilled to learn a communication that isnt audio but visual, a visual communication that is fluid like water and as beautiful as speaking French, ya never know... Dating is tough regardless of abilities and disabilities, just stick with it and you will find a patient caring woman that doesn't have a problem with your situation. I have no problem dating a deaf man or a man that has some other physical difference.

some people just might find it romantic =~) happy fishing bro and good luck, and believe me You and I are in the same boat, cept I am in california on the titanic and its sinking quick =~(~P. I work off and on for a group called Disabled In Action.

I find it mind-numbing that people think that anyone with a hearing loss or that someone who is deaf is different than anyone else. I can sign and I would see no issues with it ..i cant believe what some people are writing on here.

thank you for your support, those of you who answered my questions.

If you were not deaf and had otherwise nothing wrong with you, would you seriously consider dating a woman with one leg missing? I would have thought with you being from Berkeley you'd be more relaxed and open minded.... I would base who I choose to date on his character traits, etc., not his ability to hear.

Guess I was wrong and I think you are too, just sayin dude.... The fact that you read lips and use a hearing aid is a positive.

Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing...

Maybe she'll just end up being a good/ best friend.*Men, your entitled to your own secrets or personal information that are of a "need to know" bases. Well from me being raised in a deaf family and me myself being hearing, I have seen a lot of things...

Share it only to those you care about.**guys like "mrknowsitall" don't know jack, just how to troll and spout nonsense. profile is a pile of crap made just for the purpose of stinking up a site and meant for trolling the best of people intentions. for starters I think a person can come to cope with someone if they are really wanting to be with that person, if a person hasnt interacted with a deaf person before then they might not know what to expect.

and who ever wrote why i would expect a normal non disabled person to date me?

because i'm intelligent, know how to love another person, and if some people cant understand that others are perfectly willing to date deaf guys, then they're emotionally immature.

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