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During the first three minutes, most CS males displayed typical courtship behaviors to CS females, whereas w1118 males showed greatly reduced courting activities.Heterozygous 10×UAS-IVS-m CD8:: GFP (III) flies (mw flies.Characteristics of male courtship behavior in Drosophila melanogaster have been well-described, but the genetic basis of male-female copulation is largely unknown.Here we show that the white (w) gene, a classical gene for eye color, is associated with copulation success.

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Developmental temperature had no significant effect either on overall fecundity or on the pattern of daily egg production.

For all the experiments, copulation success is indicated as red in the pie chart.

Sexual activities of flies was observed within 60 minutes in the circular arenas.

Indeed, copulation behavior in wild-type is vigorous and highly resistant to environmental stress such as a strong smell of ether.

We also find that the change of arena size does not affect copulation success in wild-type.

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