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Don’t be the incessant, creepy person who follows up on unanswered messages every few days.

If they don’t reply after a couple of days, the conversation’s dead.

When answering these questions, answer honestly, because you might just slip and end up looking like a liar. As shallow as it sounds, a lot of people still nitpick over typos. Even if you don’t like a lot of things in life, it’s better if you focus on the things that you do like instead.

#11 Make sure you have at least one presentable photo without makeup. You don’t need to post a photo you took the moment you woke up, but do post one that shows you doing something mundane without caking yourself up in makeup. Filtering selfies are all well and good, but using filters to alter your appearance to extreme levels can turn off the most discerning people who look at your profile. [Read: 8 annoying social media users that make you want to scream] #14 Don’t upload blurry or grainy photos. Most people will write you off and ignore your profile when you post a low-quality photo.

Over-filtering can seem tacky, but a simple lighting edit is acceptable. #15 Have at least one shot that shows your physique.

#8 Make sure that you have something to say about them.

Make sure that you can carry a conversation about the topics that you wrote down.

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