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" "I've used plenty of online dating websites in the past, and have got mixed results from them.What attracted me to uk was how exciting and dirty the members who use it are.On top of that, we have a team working around the clock checking every single profile and authenticating them.So if you are at all interested in meeting a mature slapper, you have come to the right place.He is only pretending that he is holding onto the bus.So pretentious."A last viewer joked ‘Anon_nimm’ joked: "What would be the power of this trolley bus? LOL."Kazakhstan is known around the world as the birthplace of fictional character Borat, played by comedian Sacha Baron Cohen.

The women, some of them OAPs, were seen pushing the bus after it appeared to have broken down in the Almaty, southern Kazakhstan.

A video shows nine of the females manoeuvring the huge vehicle by pushing from the side and the back.

They were cheered on by passersby, who took the clip on a mobile phone.

Let the world know that these ladies do not take jokes well.

Do not mess with them."Another viewer commented ‘kilin.78’ added: "Nanas rock unlike this cop.

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