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One often hears the term “having chemistry” applied (both correctly and erroneously), for example, to two actors in a production, or to two celebrities covered in the tabloid press.As one would expect from a person of letters, Mark Gisbourne presupposes this “emotional chemistry” of Goethe as having come from the alchemist digressions of Paracelsus (1493-1541).Practically unprecedented for the local art scene – in terms of ambition, work, and capital investment – the exhibition has the company and the entrepreneur Guntis Rāvis to thank for its existence.Mark Gisbourne – the Berlin-based British art historian, curator, and prolific author – has curated the exhibition; one that is so saturated that I sincerely hope that it is seen by as many ‘observers of the interactions between art and the present moment’ as possible.“Siegfried Forgets Brunhilde” is Kiefer’s examination of an event that takes place in the fathoms of the Nibelung legend.In 1975, with the traditional method of using oil paints on canvas, Kiefer created a version depicting a snowy plowed field leading off into the distance; illustrating perfect linear perspective and executed in a rather free-form way, there’s a scribbled “Siegfried vergißt Brünhilde” lying parallel in one of the furrows.

In this case, the lead plate brings to mind associations with coffins – the kind in which soldiers are brought home from foreign wars, or with protective armor that shields dangerous and uncontrollable radiation.

Another oil painting done in 1975, and with the same title, sold at London’s on 18 October, 2013, for £266,500.

In that work, most of the painting consists of a deep darkness, but in the forefront there are what look like dancing flames and an Erlenmeyer flask. ), but further in the background, a monumental Brunhilde stands and watches his sufferings.

“Wahlverwandtschaften”, which directly translates as “elected affinities” in English, has been given the Latvian name of “Gara radinieki” (Kindred Souls).

Those acquainted with German literature will recognize this as also being the title of a novel by Goethe.

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