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Sometimes the issue is deep and complicated and no, I don’t believe there is a 1-2-3 step program that fits every marriage. When and if we desire to obey God more than we desire to fulfill our own desires, this one definition would radically what our marriages look like.

Take care of yourself, do activites that you enjoy AND DO NOT GROVEL OR MAKES ANY MORE APOLOGIES. Relationships have these type of problems and the secret to good relationships is CONFLICT RESOLUTION. My point is this, depends on the person, and if they have been looking for an out...

Only to realize days, weeks, months, and even years later,for some especially tough conundrums, how full of sh*t I was.

What if he knew he was being a huge tool and he expected you to say buck up sissy. What is it with you women..gods sake dont apologise if you dont think your wrong..are teaching him to be stuborn..sounds like he is a bit that way... Well Sherry, as the other posters have already said you don't really give us much to go on.

If you were really close, he will want to have that again too. You said you weren't in the wrong and then you apologized anyway. If he is, then maybe you should give a normal, regular guy a chance for once! If he REALLY cares he'll call you within two weeks if not, then it is time to move on. They don't hide behind an argument they will tolerate and take anything if they truely care. Dont contacthim anymore and stop saying your sorry for something you didnt do. Unfortunately we don't really know what was blown out of proportion.

If not, well, you might be better off finding out now rather than later. How did you reach such a conclusion based on no facts at all given by the OP? Re-think the missunderstanding, maybe this was just the excuse he needed to get away. Maybe he saw a side of you that he doesn't agree with so he decided to move on. It is like trying to solve a math equation and the only thing you have told us about the problem is that it is algebraic in nature.

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    If you’ve chosen online dating as your system, get this book. I was beginner for many months, messaging women, going out on dates, dealing with cancels and flakes, dealing with women ghosting me, getting turned down, and wasting a lot of time and money.

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