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I was hoping that this was a sign that she wanted to get sexy in the sunshine later on. We walked along going up the path into the dunes which stretched out before us with lots of little hills and hollows and clumps dune grass here and there which provided shade from the sun and gentle breeze.

This was always a very erotic experience and I noticed she didn't seem to be shy when one of the dune voyeurs walked by or sat watching her.

I noticed her nipples harden in the early cool morning breeze.

She looked at me and grinned, reaching down to pull off her shorts followed by her pink panties.

Men have always seemed to enjoy looking at her and she has never been shy when it comes to nudity.

I discovered she is quite the exhibitionist when the circumstances are right for her. After we married we carried on our usual adventurous sex life enjoying some hot days out in local woods and parks, even progressing to visits to a nude beach which she was keen to try.

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