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As an additional bonus, in the comics, the Legion were inspired by the legend and example of Superman.

If Mon-El ends up joining (or founding) the Legion (and there's a version of the story where in fact Mon-El is their inspiration,'s if you're interested), then it will be because he's following Kara's example! I'm drawing a complete blank on someone or something from the comics that was sent to Earth at the same time as Superman and Kara, let alone something that may or may not involve some bizarre blood ritual.

That wormhole that opened up in front of Mon-El sure looked an awful lot like the one we saw Kara's pod fall into.

Evelyn buys Alan a new Sports car causing Charlie to claim that his brother has sold his soul to the Devil.

The next day, Evelyn extracts payment by insisting that Alan go on a blind, double date with her, her new beau and his daughter.

At the restaurant, Alan learns that his mother and boyfriend will not be able to join them because there was a mixup between his heart medication and Viagra and she didn’t want to “”waste it””.

As a result, Alan is left to deal with the daughter, who is on a weekend pass from a rehab center and still has some loose screws.

Alan eventually gets her back to the beach house only to have her drive off in his new sports car and become the object of a televised high-speed car chase.

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