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I am certain that a package like glibc will not be rebased to v3.If you are doing this on a production RHEL server, the simple rule is don't, don't do it.Usually EPEL is a great place for maintaining these compatability issues, however for the case of mono they don't have the latest 3.x build (as of 2014).Long story short, the developers at Mono have screwed the pooch to say the least for supporting RHEL 6.up2date command was part of RHEL v4.x or older version.You need to use yum command to update and patch the system using RHN or Internet. perl-libxml-perl.noarch 0.08-1.2.1 base perl-suidperl.i386 4:5.8.8-10.el5_0.2 updates Loaded plugins: fastestmirror Loading mirror speeds from cached hostfile * base: centos.* epel: * extras: centos.* updates: centos.package: htop.x86_64 2.0.2-Loaded plugins: fastestmirror Loading mirror speeds from cached hostfile * base: centos.* epel: * extras: centos.* updates: centos.package: htop.x86_64 2.0.2-1.el7 dependency: 6(GLIBC_2.15)(64bit) provider: glibc.x86_64 2.17-196.el7_4.2 dependency: libgcc_1()(64bit) provider: libgcc.x86_64 4.8.5-16.el7_4.1 dependency: libgcc_1(GCC_3.0)(64bit) provider: libgcc.x86_64 4.8.5-16.el7_4.1 dependency: libgcc_1(GCC_3.3.1)(64bit) provider: libgcc.x86_64 4.8.5-16.el7_4.1 dependency: 6()(64bit) provider: glibc.x86_64 2.17-196.el7_4.2 dependency: 6(GLIBC_2.2.5)(64bit) provider: glibc.x86_64 2.17-196.el7_4.2 dependency: 5()(64bit) provider: ncurses-libs.x86_64 5.9-14.20130511.el7_4 dependency: 5()(64bit) provider: ncurses-libs.x86_64 5.9-14.20130511.el7_4 dependency: rtld(GNU_HASH) provider: glibc.x86_64 2.17-196.el7_4.2 provider: glibc.i686 2.17-196.el7_4.2 Finding unneeded leftover dependencies Found and removing 0 unneeded dependencies Dependencies Resolved ======================================================================================================= Package Arch Version Repository Size ======================================================================================================= Removing: tcp_wrappers-libs x86_64 7.6-77.el7 @base 131 k Transaction Summary ======================================================================================================= Remove 1 Package Installed size: 131 k Is this ok [y/N]: y Downloading packages: Running transaction check Running transaction test Transaction test succeeded Running transaction Erasing : tcp_wrappers-libs-7.6-77.el7.x86_64 1/1 Verifying : tcp_wrappers-libs-7.6-77.el7.x86_64 1/1 Removed: tcp_wrappers-libs.x86_64 0:7.6-77.el7 Complete!

He has worked with global clients and in various industries, including IT, education, defense and space research, and the nonprofit sector. [[email protected] ~]# yum install glibc Loaded plugins: refresh-packagekit, rhnplugin epel/metalink | 3.8 k B epel | 4.3 k B epel/primary_db | 5.0 MB epel-testing/metalink | 3.8 k B epel-testing | 4.3 k B epel-testing/primary_db | 295 k B rhel-x86_64-server-6 | 1.8 k B rhel-x86_64-server-6/primary | 11 MB rhel-x86_64-server-6 8816/8816 Setting up Install Process Package glibc-2.12-1.80.el6_3.6.x86_64 already installed and latest version Nothing to do [[email protected] ~]# I have updated the antiquated libstdc .so6 because i was nerved that is was impossible to install actual software, every time the linker was complaining about that it didn´t find the GLIBCXX_3.4.15.gcc 4.8.1 comes with the gcc 4.8.1 sources and the actual libstdc 6. Then i made a symbolic link: to ensure that all depending applications would find "their" libstdc 6.For testing purpose, feel free to add the fedora repo or rpmforge or whatever gives you the latest one.But, I am quite sure you will face hell lot of dependency problems and worst case, system might break.

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