Reverse psychology and dating

It’s important to recognize that our brain is wired for chemistry and desire. Our body releases hormones that encourage reproduction. Our body knows, before our brains do, when we’re aroused.It’s actually our brains that talk us out of this temptation. Just like a diet, don’t expect to see results the next day, or the next week and then just quit. Self-control is the reason many relationships fail to mature. Join my private Facebook Community for FREE In dating when someone puts you in the friend zone what they’re essentially saying is: I like your personality but I am not physically attracted to you.Although there are variations to this sentiment, what separates a friendship from a romantic relationship is sexual attraction and desire.Any activity that involves stimulants such as action, thriller, or horror films, amusement parks, concerts, physical and adrenaline inducing activities or new surroundings will create stress, anxiety or increased heart rates.The body then produces oxytocin as a way to relieve these feelings of stress.There are three points of contact that will stimulate the brain to release a high amount of the hormone.

Recognize that in order to control any situation you must first control yourself. In many cases those who feel placed in the friend zone, act like victims instead of friends.The way to get out of the friend zone is simple: increase the level of desire to a sexual level.If you’re afraid of the word sex, or sexuality then this could be one reason why you are in the friend zone. This doesn’t mean that you need to have sex with anyone: on the contrary.They don’t sensor themselves or act like they’re afraid to be proactive in the friendship.Think of someone that you consider a friend and treat the person you like the same way. When you have convinced the other person that you truly “know” them you will build chemistry.

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