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CP from Clevedon tried Craig Llyn on the following day with the Rhayader gauge registering 2 feet and also managed a brace.

Next day JH from Hereford managed a brace from Doldowlod before the level rose even higher.

The Irfon was just fishable on Christmas Eve, but rose again that night.

So the 2017 season ended with nothing more to report, although there may just possibly be something submitted after the holidays.

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I was interested to read that 8 of them were taken on the dry fly.The rod was a 7ft 6 inch Snowbee and PA can be reached on 07976 22631.On the 3rd SC from Landeilo Graban fished the Irfon at Llanfechan.On the 9th AS from Newent had a really super day at Lyepole, again with the temperature around zero but with the sun shining. Given the difficult weather conditions before and after, combined with fairly high water on the Lugg, I think this was something of a triumph.According to the catch returns, nobody was able to fish any of our rivers due to the floods for the following 10 days. Then on the 19th AB from Bromsgrove tried the Irfon's Colonel's Water.

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