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Osborne telling us the world would fall in on itself and an emergency budget would be needed to save us from doom and damnation, scaring the elderly suggesting state pensions were at risk.

And a raft of other bold assertions - lies, fear, antagonism and hot air on all sides.

One of the reasons I created the Weight Loss Summit is because I had finally solved my own weight gain misery and struggles.

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One day I decided to take up running and joined a running club for women 35 . During that first run I did not know what was going to kill me first, my heart or my lungs giving out. First of all ,you need to forget the notion that there is a prescribed amount of exercise that you should be doing; otherwise it is futile.There is so much pressure on you and to say you need to take care of your health and fitness can be seen as one more chore on your huge To Do List! We sometimes are so busy comparing ourselves to others we forget to take care of ourselves. wish I were 40 now.” If you would like to watch all the sessions for free for 24 hours from the Weight Loss Summit, a summit for women 50 to help them curb weight gain in their later years, here is the link.I saw this quote on Facebook from a friend how recently turned 50: “TBT… Sign up now and you will receive 24 hours viewing, from the time you sign up. What is your best quote that gets you through the tough days? Julie Dargan (RN, ND, BHSc) is the Menopause Whisperer.This allows them to be more sustainable and you more successful in maintaining them.Yes, you need to eat less and change your diet to lose weight! If you find yourself considering your change to eating habits as a sacrifice or deprivation then you are on the road to disaster. When you eat mindfully this helps food to be more satisfying so you tend to eat less with deliberate intention or sacrifice.

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