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(For a Visual Basic version of the code snippets in this section, see this post). This is useful if different areas of an application use different master pages.To use this base class, we need to change our code-beside file classes to inherit from Base Class instead of System. However, there may be times when we an application to enforce a specific master page.A page’s Master Page File property sets the master page for the content page to use.If we try to set this property from the Load event, we will create an exception. This exception makes sense, because we know the master page has to rearrange the page’s control hierarchy before the Init event fires.

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For instance, authentication, authorization, session state, and profiles are all implemented as Http Modules by the ASP. You can plug-in and remove these modules to add or discard their functionality.In fact, the Master Page class derives from the User Control class.I’ve found it useful to only think of master pages as during design time.When the master page finds a Content control that matches a Content Place Holder, it moves the controls into the matching Content Place Holder.In our simple setup, the master page will find a match for Content Place Holder1, and copy over the Label.

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