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I contacted the seller and he said he had removed the ad as I had said I wanted to buy the van and he was still getting dozens of inquiries about it. He would arrange for e Bay to invoice me and we would both still be covered by e Bay protections.e Bay put me in touch with this fraudster in the first place and is not helping now things have gone wrong.Westside Motors were also commissioned by Budweiser to prepare 7 VW Split Screen Camper Vans as prizes to be given away in a spectacular promotional campaign by the Beer Company and Virgin Radio.

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You complained to e Bay which confirmed that it had removed the advertisement. You feel e Bay should have alerted everyone who had contacted the advertiser that this was a fraud.It says the email you received was a generic email which appears on each and every member-to-member message to remind customers to never complete a transaction outside its marketplace.e Bay told me, as soon as a transaction moves off e Bay, it does not have any visibility of what is taking place and is not able to offer the warnings you feel it should have. The next day I logged onto e Bay and the ad had been removed. I told the seller I was interested in buying for the asking price of £6,590.

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