What to know about dating a jewish guy

I’ll be curious to see if the book, out in September, will sell well.It seems to rely on the assumption that (outside the Orthodox community at least) Jewish women are desperate to marry Jewish men, whereas Jewish men have no particular loyalty to their heritage.We don’t touch until after the wedding ceremony.“Yikes! When I first heard about this at age 22, that was my initial reaction too.But I was intrigued enough to want to look into it.Sounds like the (presumably 100 percent) Jewish men she describes who need a nice Jewess in shiksa clothing to rescue them. Will you be rushing to Amazon and Barnes and Noble to buy this book?As an Orthodox Jew living in Jerusalem, it constantly strikes me that Judaism’s teachings are not just for Jews - at least they shouldn’t be.A rose-colored screen descends, filtering out the negative and letting only the positive through - the result being that you see what you want to see and not the rest.

More importantly, if “your children will be Jewish because you’re Jewish,” then why go through the whole ordeal of snagging a David or Daniel or Joshua who may be no more enthusiastic about Jewish living than a Christopher or Luke?

In short, follow “The Rules,” the 1995 best-selling dating manual written by, ahem, two Jewish women!

In fact, “Rules” authors Ellen Fein and Sherrie Schneider, who I actually saw debate Rabbi Shmuley Boteach many years ago, in a veritable orgy of self-promotion, have bestowed a blurb upon Ms.

Judaism is wisdom for living; anyone struggling to figure out life can benefit from it.

And because Christians aren’t obligated to follow most Jewish precepts, they are free to examine Jewish wisdom, extract what speaks to them, and make it their own.

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