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They raided along the coast, though Brooke returned to surprise one expedition and capture several war boats. According to the account of Captain Henry Keppel, on 4 June 1843, Brooke and Keppel organised a war expedition to attack the Iban Dayak of Saribas to punish their piracy along the coast.OKP Dana Bayang's longhouse at Nanga Padeh was the strongest and most-important, defended by two forts and a barrier of fallen trees that blocked the Batang Saribas River from being easily entered by their enemies.Brooke's forces proceeded up the Saribas to Karangan Pinggai and on 14 June attacked the fort of Linggir Mali Lebu, a chief mentored by Dana Bayang.They then attacked the Sungai Rimbas river forts at Sungai Tawai belonging to chiefs Rekaya Antau "Linggang Neneri" and Rekaya Gun "Mangku Bumi".

James Brooke (1803–1868) was born in India and served as a cavalry lieutenant in the Bengal Army during the First Anglo-Burmese War, before retiring to England to recover from a serious wound.Rentap was selected as one of the lead warriors of Chief Orang Kaya Pemancha Dana "Bayang" (commonly OKP Dana Bayang or Dana Bayang), and led war expeditions to the areas surrounding the Kapuas River in West Kalimantan, Indonesia, gaining fame as a great war chief and headhunter.Despite a number of defeats, he refused to submit to the White Rajah and withdrew upriver where he effectively led a rebellion from 1853 to 1863.While Brooke was fighting pirates in Sumatra, his enemies were emboldened. Dido arrived, accompanied by the company's steamer Phlegethon.Sharif Sahib gathered Arab adventurers along the Batang Lupar river, and invited the Skrang Dayaks to meet him at the entrance of the Sadong River, gathering two hundred Dayak bangkongs and Malay war boats. It was decided to begin operations by attacking the Arab sharifs in their strongholds on the Batang Lupar river and then the Dayaks on the Skrang river.

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