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This means you can use your local Zed editor with all your favorite customizations.

Many programmers like to be able to hack on their environment.

Is this really the best we can do, or can we improve the status quo? Zed is a project attempting to improving the way you work without making you feel ), which sorts files based on date of last opening and can be used to quickly find the file you're looking for.

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Zed has very innovative support for editing files on any Internet-connected server without the need to use Web DAV or (S)FTP.

No panels, no tab bars, no file tree that takes up space constantly. If there's anything visible other than the code you're editing, there'd better be a damn good reason, that is either it gives you a sense of context (what file am I editing? ) or it's a temporary UI element that I explicitly asked for (e.g. Zed has as little window chrome as reasonably possible: editors take up the full window space, minus a small indicator along the top indicating what file is open.

Notational Velocity is a simple note taking app that unifies the concept of searching for notes and creating them.

Limited flexibility in this sense frees your mind to think about what really matters.

Many editors today boast a "distraction free" mode. " That's great, but when you want all this distracting chrome? It should always be you and your code, with as little chrome as possible.

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